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Coming July, 2013, Alcove Theater near Union Square, San Francisco!!

Directed by Robert Kalfin
Musical Direction by Tammy Lynne Hall

Randy Roberts Richard Hefner
Ken Lear Randy Roberts Richard Hefner


**New Musical Theater of San Francisco is producing "Give A Man A Mask" in July, 2013 at the Alcove Theater near Union Square.

**The production of Give A Man A Mask at NYMF has been postponed. Instead GAMAM will receive a workshop production at The York Theatre most likely in early November, 2011.

**York Theatre NEO 7 Concert- "The Angle Of The Light" from Give A Man A Mask was included in the York Theatre's NEO 7 benefit concert. This was a great event with plenty of new songs performed by some of Broadway's top stars. For pictures of the event, follow this link. Steven Brinberg (aka Simply Barbra) performed the song.

York Theatre Developmental Staged Reading NY City, October 18th, 2010 @ 7 PM
with Brent Barrett, Randy Roberts, Michael Mahany and directed by Robert Kalfin.
Musical Direction by Milton Granger.

One foggy night in San Francisco, Gregory, a 50-year old gay, semi-retired, psychology consultant with a life long passion for the romantic and glamorous leading ladies of Hollywood's golden age, has a near-death experience and is intruded upon by a mysterious figure, The Lady. But who is this apparition that has seemingly walked out of the silver screen? An inner guide from the Jungian collective unconscious? A living thought form as described by the Tibetan Buddhists? Or a musical hallucination resulting from a small stroke? Reluctantly guided by this unlikely muse, Gregory is pushed out of his safe, solitary reality and into a turbulent, dangerous relationship with a young and very beautiful male escort named "Chance," that unexpectedly leads him to a deeper understanding of what it means to love.

The show is cast for 3 actors

Gregory- 50 year old, still handsome although he would argue he isn't, charming, funny in a self-deprecating way, loves the golden age of Hollywood, wanted to be a set designer but gave it up easily for an easier career as an organizational psychologist. baritone

Chance- mid 20s, very beautiful, but not terribly expensive male escort who probably doesn't charge enough. Doesn't know his own worth and doesn't care too much about his beauty except as a means for survival and attention. His growing self esteem flashes out an unexpected moments. tenor

The Lady- an iconic, glamorous film star who wears a turban and is a man in drag- also plays the Hindu waiter, the Tibetan spiritual master, the doctor. tenor/high tenor

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